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    Pulling First Record for each Dimension in one view

    Kyle Henes

      Hello All,


      With the data set below I am trying to create a view that shows the initial budget (budget on the first date in the data) for each Account.


      Day of dateAccountBudget
      3-Jul-17Account A3,600.12
      4-Jul-17Account A3,599.81
      5-Jul-17Account A3,599.81
      4-Jul-17Account B1,000.00
      5-Jul-17Account B3,000.00
      10-Jul-17Account C68.00
      11-Jul-17Account C489.00


      So it would end up looking like the below: I cant figure out how to only show the first budget for each account.



      Account A3,600.12
      Account B1,000.00
      Account C68.00


      Tableau workbook attached, any questions let me know.

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          Tom W
          • Right click 'Day of date', hold the right click and drag it to the Detail button on the marks card. Select the second option 'Day of date (discrete)'
          • Add a calculated field with the formula: INDEX()
          • Right click the new field, select convert to discrete
          • Drag the new field onto the rows shelf. Right click it, edit table calculation. Select specific dimensions, Account, Day of Date. For 'restarting every' select 'Account'.
          • Now in the index column right click '1' and select 'keep only'.
          • You can hide the index column or remove it from the report view.
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