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    What exactly is measured in Stats for Load Times Admin View?

    Charles Brett

      Hi Folks!


      While I was doing some testing around, I came across this anomaly around load times. I measured the time it took to load this particular dashboard on my browser and it averaged to be around 9 seconds. However, when I checked the Stats for load times admin view, the time it indicates for that particular set of loads were around 3-4 seconds. Can someone enlighten me what is exactly the process behind load time measures in the admin views? is it only captures the load time processing took place on Tableau server side or does it measure the full round trip time with the support from client side?


      Thank you for your time



      Your good ol' Charlie

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          Jeff Strauss

          Much of the measured time is a calculation that comes from internal postgres table http_requests which has a created_at and a completed_at timestamp.  What typically shows is the difference between these two timestamps and from what I have seen, is usually quite close to the stopwatch time.  What may be a variable though is if you are on a remote connection (i.e. at home), then there may be some additional time not accounted here, but I'm not sure.  Something you can try is to add "?:render=false" to to the URL which essentially renders the dashboard strictly on the server and then pushes an image down to the client.  See if this gets your time closer.