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    Data Roll Up based on Rating

    Adam Nieradzik

      Hi All,


      I got a question - how can I roll up a data to the high level dimension ?


      My Data set got plenty of columns but the important one is:


      Product ID, Server ID, Server Rating.


      I would need to create a new field, which would rate my Product based on the highest score of Server Rating. I would need to roll up the data to the PRoductID level ensuring that product rating will be always the highest.

      Potentially I can convert ratings from text to the numbers i.e. Critical 5, very high 4, high 3, medium 2, low 1... but can't really figure out how to roll this data up,


      I will have to show a bart / donut with unique product id's vs highest rating.



      Attached my data set.



      Thanks in advance for your help,

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          Glenn Kuly

          Hi Adam, are you looking to simply sum up (or average) Server Rating scores by Product ID, and get something like this?:




          workbook: https://public.tableau.com/views/Book22_147/Sheet2?:embed=y&:display_count=yes&publish=yes


          -- Glenn

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            Adam Nieradzik

            Hi Glenn,


            Thanks for help but that's not what I'm looking for. I need to show Product ID, skip the server id and the highest rating of the servers assigned to the product.


            So if I have a list of few thousand Products id's where each product can have up to few hundreds servers with various ratings, I want to 'roll this up' to the product level, by ensuring that my product rating will be equal to the highest rating of the servers.





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              Glenn Kuly

              Apologies in advance for the thick questions, but server ID is called Host Name in your sample dataset? And a server ID can appear in multiple Product IDs?


              So -- thinking out loud here -- a server ID can have a low rating under one Product ID, and a high rating under a different Product ID?


              Still not sure I understand the problem, i.e. exactly what you are trying to 'roll up.' How exactly do you want to calculate a Product Rating?


              -- Glenn

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                Adam Nieradzik

                Hi Glenn,


                Apologies for any confusion. ServerID is actually a HOst Name in the data set I've shared.


                Product ID is unique, the same as Host Name. Each host name can only be assigned to one Product ID.

                Now under 1 product ID - you can have a hosts with various ratings. What I would like to show on top of the visualization which will include count of products (which volume is much lower then the servers/hosts) vs highest rating of the product is a table with simple information:

                ProductID, Rating of the product.


                Rating of the product should be always highest possible rating of the host assigned to that product. Does this make sense?



                Product ID =133  got few hosts names with various ratings, but rating of that productID should be Critical, because one of the servers assigned to that product is also rated with critical value. In my real data set it can happen that all the hosts


                Thank you,