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    Graph Sum(s) of Multiple Measures by Multiple, Respective Dimensions

    Tamara Schroeder



      I need help figuring out how to graph multiple measures across multiple dimensions...if this is possible at all. To explain further, here is an example dataset. 0= no, 1=yes, Date (A, B or C) = Date that he/she reached level (A, B or C):


      PersonDate ADid he/she reach level A?Date BDid he/she reach level B?Date CDid he/she reach level C?


      I would like to create a line graph, were the x axis = time (in days), and the y axis = the sum or # of people to have reached level A, B or C, on that particular day. So, there would be 3 horizontal lines, one line for A, one for B, and one for C. Right now, I have Date A, in days, in the Columns box, and Measure Values in the Rows box, (#A, #B, #C). The issue is that for example, on 01/01/2017, Tableau is graphing a sum of 1 person for level A, and a sum of 1 person for level B, and a sum of 1 person for level C - which is incorrect. It should show, a sum of 1 for Level A, and 0 for levels B and C. I cannot get Tableau to recognize for example, that Bob reached level B on 02/05/2017, NOT on 01/01/2017, unless I plot just Level B data in a separate sheet, by Date B.


      Is there a LOD expression or way to plot sum of Level A data by Dimension Date A per day, sum of Level B data by Dimension Date B per day, etc., on one single line graph (with lines for A, B and C)?