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    LOD and time

    Alex Martino

      Would something like this ignore time?


      I have two channels, and I want to get the % of each state as a % of the channel, so I'm using the number below as the denominator. I want the states (which are filtered) to show up as a percentage of ALL the states in the channel even if they aren't showing. The number that I'm getting is WAY off so maybe it's ignoring date specifications?



      {Fixed[Channel]: SUM([Total Adjusted Gross Amount])}

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          Mihai Constantinescu

          {Fixed[Channel]: SUM([Total Adjusted Gross Amount])} / {SUM([Total Adjusted Gross Amount])} is this how you do the %

          First bit will do sum per channel (across all time if no filter) and second bit sum of all states, rows of channels ...

          Is this what you wanted? If not, can you share a workbook?

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