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    Tableau Site Session Cookies??

    Thomas Rones

      I have to login to the Tableau sites (Forums, learn, tclive) everytime I visit. It's kinda annoying. I'm pretty sure it's not on my end because this seems to be the case on all my devices. Is there a reason for this?

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          Hey Thomas Rones,


          This is for security reasons - However when I leave a session opened in my browser's window, I can stay logged in indefinitely. Today again, I haven't logged in this morning as it was opened from yesterday night.


          Let me ping Patrick A Van Der Hyde who can particularly address your query



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            Patrick A Van Der Hyde

            Hello Thomas,


            Most of the authorization cookies are set to expire when the current browser is closed.   You can look at the cookies and their configuration in your browser but these have been set to try to minimize the number of times needed to login while providing security. 


            Note that your IT staff may have overrides in place that limit the duration of cookies or setting of cookies on your PC and you may be required to login more frequently as a result.  Consult with your IT team to determine any location specific rules.


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            Thank you