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    How can I create formula for Key Brands?

    Khalid Baker

      Hey Everyone;


      I am trying to list certain brands as key brands and set the rest as others. The logic is based on Countries so a brand could be key in one country and listed as others in another country.



      AustraliaBrand AFood
      AustraliaBrand BBeverage
      AustraliaBrand CFood
      AustraliaBrand DBeverage
      AustraliaBrand EFood
      AustraliaBrand FBeverage
      JapanBrand AFood
      JapanBrand BBeverage
      JapanBrand CFood
      JapanBrand PBeverage
      JapanBrand Q Food
      JapanBrand RBeverage
      ChinaBrand AB Food
      ChinaBrand AABeverage
      ChinaBrand ACFood
      ChinaBrand SBeverage
      ChinaBrand TFood
      OmanBrand V Beverage
      OmanBrand LTFood
      OmanBrand GGBeverage


      Any brand underlined would be considered Key rest would be others.


      Appreciate all the help


      Kind Regards;

      Khalid B