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    how we could know which extract was killed by SQL DBA

    ravindra babu

      hi all,


      My DBA team team killed a Tableau Report which is running for a long time Causing blocking of remaining report of other technologies.


      below is the message sent by our BDA team to me


      Spotlight has raised an alarm:


      Connection: HUBDWDB01

      Time: Wednesday, July 5, 2017 7:47:35 AM

      Severity: High


      Locks - Blocked Processes: Session 283 has been blocked by session 282 for the last 1,192 seconds.


      Blocking Details


      Blocking session:


         Application name: Tableau Protocol Server 10.0

          Host name: TABLEAU01

          OS User name: S0tabadmin

          Database User name: GUV\S0tabadmin

          First 2KB of SQL: CREATE FUNCTION dbo.WeekNumber (@DATE datetime) RETURNS int AS BEGIN

           DECLARE @WeekNumber int

           SET @WeekNumber = (SELECT WeekNumber FROM DW2.dbo.DimDate

      WHERE StandardDate = CONVERT(datetime, CONVERT(CHAR(8),@DATE,112)))






      Blocked session:


          Database name: DW_PA

          Application name: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio - Query

          Host name: L-PB8ZWKL

          OS User name: aschouten

          Database User name: aschouten

        First 2KB of SQL: truncate table rstrauss.SURGEexpectedvolumebylane



      my Question is how could we know which extract effect due to this. DBA team was failed to answer this. i had gone through status tab,log files by creating a snapshot from the server.


      Note: there is so many reports using same data source and so many users are using S0tabadmin user name.


      please help me out of this.