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    Multiple filters on single dimension

    Prabhavathi Muthusenapathy


      I am working on Survey data where it has lots of multiple response and likert questions.

      I want to create a filter using this questions.

      Say, I want two different filters from the same dimension, only one filter is working and I can't create another one from the same dimension.

      For example,

      Screener_Question is the main dimension where filters were created.

      Filter 1: am6a, am6b

      Filter 2: scr12

      Please refer sheets with name filter1 and filter2.

      I need to have two filters on the same sheet using the same dimension but it's not working.

      I tried with creating sets but again if I am creating the second set using the same dimension, it is not allowing to add any other variables to the new set.

      I have attached the tableau file with this.

      Kindly help to solve this issue.