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    Visualising missing Values as Zeros

    Rapelang Masiapetlo

      Good day guys.


      I need some assistance with a problem I am currently having.  I have created a table where I do calculations and showing the values every month, however since there aren't any figures (from the data) for some of the months I am getting blanks on the table/view I created.  Is there any way possible to show the blanks as zeros? Any help would be appreciated.


      Below is a screen shot of my workbook, I can't attach the workbook itself because it is sensitive client data.

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          Simon Runc

          Hi Rapelang,


          So if the marks don't actually exist, you can create them via a process called "Data Densification" (this isn't that well documented, but in short if you have 2 opposing Blue Pills and a Table Calculation....Tableau will densify the view to include those marks). You can then use the formatting to tell Tableau what text you want to display for NULL results)...the gif below shows this in action!


          Densify Data.gif


          Hope that does the trick for you....but let me know if not (ideally with an example workbook, so I can take a look at your situation)

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            Rapelang Masiapetlo

            Hey Simon,


            Thank you very much, that is exactly what I needed. It was very helpful.


            Best Regards,




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