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    Blending dates when connecting Excel Uploads to Cube data

    Max Hmnn


      i am currently working on a model where i want to use both cube data and data from an excel upload. My goal by using the excel upload is to integrate an additional metric to the model, which is not part of the cube.


      Thus, the excel only features a Date column and a value column:


      I watched several tutorials on how to import excel files and blend them with other databases.


      I want combine the two databases and make it possible to use the same date dimension for metrics from both the cube and the excel file.

      Unfortunately when looking at the relationships, tableau does not automatically link the date from my excel file to the date in the cube.



      Therefore, i created the links manually.




      FYI, the different date options in the cube i am using are as follows:


      (i got the idea of linking all date types available from this website: Business AnalyticsHow to join - data blending - date fields in Tableau)



      The issue:
      I am able to use the metric and the dimension of the excel upload, as long as it doesn't include metrics or dimensions from the cube.





      When trying to either use a metric from the cube with the date dimension from the excel file or vice versa i get the following error message:



      The error message is basically saying that fields from the excel file can't be used due to the fact that there is no relationship to the primary database.


      In case the error message doesn't pop up, i get to see the chart without any values.




      Can someone please help me on that? What am i doing wrong when trying to blend the excel file with the cube data? Do i need some other kind of format for the excel file?


      Thanks in advance!


      King regards,