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    What is the best way to learn Tableau in short period of time?

    emma Qian

      Hi, ALL experts in Tableau:


      I am PhD student majoring in Human computer interaction and want to learn Tableau as quickly as possible to visualize my research findings.

      For a new starter as me, Do You Have Recommended Books, Online courses and other resources?


      THANK YOU!



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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Emma

          Welcome to Tableau - Tableau training resources are really very good - there are 2 sites below that can  provide a way to get started

          The first is a scripted training program that comes is segments beginning with Getting Started and progressing trough different topics - you can pick and choose what you want to review

          The second is the Tableau webinar training site - you can select live webinar training if that fits your schedule or you can select from a number of prerecorded previous webinar programs. 

          I would suggest at least looking at the first site for getting started to get some background on how data sources are loaded, joined or blended - it will effect how you create your analysis

          Then I would suggest the webinar source for calculations, LOD calculations and mapping (if that is important to you)







          Good luck


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            Karthik Venkatachalam

            Hi Emma,

            Jim has shared some good info. These are good places to start.


            One thing I find very limiting about tableau tutorial videos, is being unable to play the video faster, especially if you are in a rush. Youtube might have certain topics/copy of same tutorial, which you could play them in 1.5x to 2x and see if you can quickly get through the basics. If you have 2 hours worth of videos, you can possibly cover in 1hr and 15 mins or so. You would be amazed at how much more you could learn in the same time period. Helps a lot in speeding up your learning curve.


            You could also visit tableau public and see samples which might broaden your horizons in terms of possibilities. IMO Tableau public might tendency to be leaning towards cool infographics. (IMO, HCI might look at interactivity aspects and infographics are more towards entropy and data comprehension).