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    Create Calculated Member: Make "Date" a measure (Cube Data Source)

    Camilla Hjortdam



      I am Tableau newbie and trying to build my first dashboards.


      I am struggling a bit with working with a cube as the data source.


      What I want to do is to create a calculated field which automatically shows the value of today or for example current month

      For that, I would have to create a calculated field that will include "Date".

      I have done some research and the following formula would be sufficient:

      IIF(DATERUNC('month',[DateField]) = DATETRUNC('month',TODAY()),'true','false') (Formula to choose the current month )


      My problem is that right now, "Date" in my data is a dimension - and with cube data, one cannot use dimensions in calculated fields:




      The solution might be making the dimension a measure by using Calculated Members.

      However, this is not really working for me - I am not experienced in MDX, so I am kind of stuck.


      Do any of you have suggestions to how I can work around this?

      Do any of you have had similar problems?