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    Safari - Iron Viz feeder... my humble viz

    Annabelle Rincon

      I participated last week to the 2nd Iron Viz feeder, in order to win one of the 3 tickets for the next Tableau Conference in Las Vegas. Iron Viz goes on Safari! Enter the Contest With a Wild Wild Viz! | Tableau Public. I had no pretention to win, I am relatively new in the Tableau world (less than 2 years), I have learnt alone and I didn't had the chance to be mentored by a Tableau master.

      I am just participating, to push my limits and improve my skills, but I am always delivering true information and taking care about giving a smooth design or working on tooltips and details.


      The theme was to built a story about animals or flora. Searching for an idea, I thought naturally on my father, who is a true Nature lover, and I had the idea to built a tool for him to find wild mushrooms.


      Objectives and datasources :


      My objective was to create a viz that works for a long time, so whenever you open it, it gives you the information about the mushrooms you can find on the current month and not only in June when it was created. So i needed complete information about mushrooms and weather forecasts.


      To find mushrooms you need to know a lot of things, and I had to find or create a proper datasource for each parameter :


      - where to find them :

      • I needed a map of France's forests (my father lives in France) and about the localisation of some type of trees.  http://www.onf.fr/
      • and to know under which trees you have more chance to find them. books!


      - when to find them :

      • you need to know, which months are the most favourable.books!
      • you also need to know the weather conditions, because when it is rainy and sunny you have more chance to find them.

              Real past data comes from : Infoclimat - la météo en temps réel : observations météo en direct, prévisions, archives climatologiques, photos et vidé…

              Forecasting comes from : the weather forecast connector Tableau Junkie — Weather Analysis With A Web Data Connector  , thank you for sharing!


      • The mushrooms' specialists say that the moon has also an important influence on the mushrooms growth. So I also needed a lunar calendar. internet!


      More questions I had about mushrooms, and more difficult was my own challenge. The most difficult part was to transform the data about the trees into a map. In fact, if i was able to find a shapefile for the french forest, I could not find any shapefile for the trees localisation, and the only datasource I found was an Excel files with Lambert coordinates, and they are not matching with latitude or longitude .... I had a lot of fun trying to understand what were Lambert coordinates Lambert conformal conic projection - Wikipedia, and how to transform them in latitude or longitude, so that Tableau can recognize them and map it.


      Interactivity :


      I also wanted to introduce some game on it, and let the reader really enters in the analysis and answer some question, so I had the idea to let the reader use the radial tool, to determine in which woods my father can find mushrooms.


      Capture d’écran 2017-06-30 à 20.29.02.png


      Or to apply a parameter to discover the differences in term of optimal conditions within the seasons.



      Capture d’écran 2017-06-30 à 20.58.25.pngCapture d’écran 2017-06-30 à 20.58.45.png


      I hope you like it, and good luck for all very talented competitors ! Iron Viz Safari entries have arrived! | Tableau Public


      link to my viz : Tableau Public



      Be happy and pick up mushroom !

      rati champi color.png