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    Adding Separate Datasets as Layers on Same Map

    Firas Nasr


      I am currently creating an interactive map for a client. The client is a grantmaking organization. I am trying to create a map that accomplishes two things: 1) shows all of the organizations they have funded, and 2) shows the major projects that have been funded. The organizations are all in one google spreadsheet, and the major projects are in another. I would prefer for them to stay separate.


      Ideally, each of the organizations will be represented by a dot, and when hovered over, you can see the name of the organization. Each of the projects will be represented by an icon that I am designing, and when hovered over, you can see the name of the project and click to learn more (it will take you to a page with some information about the project).


      I am not being able to figure out how to do this!! It is very frustrating--can someone help? Here is the link to the data in google sheets-- the two tabs we are using are "Organization Information" and "Projects".

      AEF Interactive Map - Google Sheets