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    Conditional Formatting in cells that contains string

    Rodrigo Goulart




      I have to create a table that evaluate the risks of a company's procedures, therefore I have 3 columns in a table, first one is "Risk", second on called "Impact" and the last one called "Vulnerability". Each Risk has a classification in the column Impact that can be Low, Acceptable, High and very high, the same thing to the Vulnerability column. I have been working on a way to create a condicional formatting that paint the cell depending on the risk classification, but I have not succeed so far. Here is the way that I would like to do:

      Low = green,

      Acceptable = yellow,

      High = orange,

      Very high = red



      I tried to create calculated fields with IF, but I did not succeed. I also tried to put the fields Impact and Vulnerability in Marks, but Tableau does not allow me to put more than one mark at the same time or it joins them automatically.



      Help Highly Appreciated.