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    Removing (or hiding) zero rows

    Jim Wright



      I have a workbook in which I am trying to hide zero rows from the same Measure in 2 different places

      I want to keep the bottom section labeled Diff Total Boepd and hide the upper section.  They are coming from 2 different projects as well.

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          Michael Hesser

          Hi Jim;

          Could we see a little more of your data model?


          Initially, I'm wondering if you could just create a LOD expression to calculate the maximum value, and HIDE the field if it is zero.

          Depending on your data model, it might look something like this


          ZERO UNITS



          This should hide any row where EVERY VALUE is zero (provided there are no negative values).


          You should be able to sort on this and include only values where [ZERO UNITS] is FALSE (meaning at least one of the values is greater than zero).


          If [UNITS] has negative values and you want to allow for these, you can modify the calc for MAX(ABS([UNITS])).


          Good luck!


          Important update: looking more closely at your data, I'm not sure what separates your first band and second band (the zeroes).  Do you have an unnamed field hiding somewhere?

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            Hari Ankem

            You will not be able to hide the sub-totals for one project and show it for the other. If that is your desired functionality, you can think of splitting this worksheet into two (2), and place on a dashboard. You will need to exclude the bottom project in the first sheet and place it on top on a dashboard; and hide the top project in the second sheet and place it on bottom in the same dashboard. To hide the first project in the second worksheet, just right click on the top project and click on hide. This will not affect your calculations in any way. Here are screenshots of what happens when you hide your data.


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              Jim Wright

              There isn't an unnamed field.  It is basically 2 different projects that we are trying to do a variance report on from case to case.  We don't want the first case totals to be displayed as it is a comparison to itself so the variance should be zero.