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    Sorting a calculated field from a parameter control

    Steven Katofiasc

      Hi guys,


      I created a calculated field from a parameter containing all my metrics I want to look at using this function:


      CASE  [Choose Measure]

      WHEN "Average Duration of Use (min)" then AVG([Average Duration of Use (min)])

      WHEN "Average Duration per Day (min)" then AVG([Average Duration per Day (min)])

      WHEN "Average Usages per Day" then AVG([Average Usages per Day])

      WHEN "Total Duration (min)" then SUM([Total Duration (min)])

      WHEN "Total Usages" then SUM([Total Usages])





      [Choose Measure] is my parameter. So I named my calculated field "Show Parameter Metrics" and dragged that to the columns part and I have various divisions of our company I want to look at by each measure. Is there a way the sort can be applied from greatest to least for all metrics? I'm trying to put this in my dashboard. I go to sort one measure but then when I toggled between my metrics with the parameter control, the order changes. I cannot figure this out and if anybody can help that would be awesome. Thanks guys!