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    How to treat two columns as a single measure/dimension?

    Jonathon Broughton

      I'm splitting a column that for every row of data has a metric that is "A vs B" such that I am left with a column of 'As' and a column of 'Bs'. Both of these columns are from a single list of possible values which may occupy column A or column B. As such the potential filtering of rows should be made once and not on the separate columns.


      Need I duplicate the rows prior to importing into Tableau with a pair for each, or is there something I'm missing?


      1Monkeys vs CabbagesMonkeysCabbages
      2Apples vs PearsApplesPears
      3Cabbages vs ApplesCabbagesApples


      If filtered I'd like to be able to specify 'Apples' and have Row 2 & 3 be included in the calculations/display.