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    Count how many products are expired and approaching expiration date and track them by last 6 months

    Abdallah MJ Musmar

      Hello everybody,


      I have two columns Item_ID and Expiration_Date.

      If the value of Expiration_Date is null then the item will not expire.


      What I was able to do is to make categories for items approaching expiration.

      So if the date is already passed today's date then its red,

           if it has a few months then its orange

           if it has about (18 months - 2 years) then its yellow

           if its more than 2 years then its blue

           finally if its not going to expire then its green.


      What I am not able to do is to make a six month track of what items were red and what items were orange. In other words count all red & orange in June, May, April, March, Feb, and Jan and put them on a line chart.


      I do not have a field that has constant dates and I tried using FIXED but I was not getting anywhere. Can you please help me?