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    Filtering dashboard, reshaped data

    mary twomley

      I have a survey data set.

      twbx. file attached.

      I reshaped the data before uploading to tableau.

      The dashboard has a top section containing a stacked bar chart. It was collected as an  8 statement/ 5 point likert scale-Strongly disagree to strongly agree.

      I created an alias so that it shows as :

      strongly agree/agree=positive


      strongly disagree disagree=negative


      The bottom section of dashboard contains comments that were collected after the likert scale.

      I want the dashboard to filter out those comments associated with responses for any statement.


      For example, if respondent X answered strongly disagree or disagree (negative) to any statement in likert scale, I want any comments that said respondent wrote to be filtered out.


      I cannot figure this out.

      How do I create the correct filter command/

      Greatly appreciate your help.