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    How to apply filter to a specific parameter

    Tan Song

      Hi guys

      I have a filter and two parameters based on that Filter. Is there a way when I choose one value from the filter, it will only affect one of the Parameters. And the other one will be another value from the filter. Can I use a calculation function to do that´╝č


      For example, GroupName is my fitter



      Here is my calculation for the Variable 1 and Variable 2.




      My goal is to have only one parameter changed when I change the group name filter.


      Anyone have any thoughts on this. Greatly appreciated!

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          Deepak Rai

          What I could get from your description, selecting a GROUPNAME would always match it to Parameter1 or Parameter 2 unless you set both Parameters at same value. Is n't it. So, I am little confused. Looks like you are already getting what you are looking for.

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            Tan Song

            Hi Deepak,


            When I Choose one GroupName, the other one from the parameter will be gone due to the way I set my parameter. I can change the GroupName Filter to Mulitple values to have the both parameter showing. I don't want to do it this way. So my questions is that is there a way when I choose GroupName, it will only affect Parameter Variable 2, and Keep Parameter Variable 1 unchanged. Thank you!



            Something I can do, but hope do not do it this way. Because the GroupName will be affected by an action filter from the dashboard.