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    Tooltip to dynamically display selected year


      When you select specific fiscal years, how can I show the prior year date in the tooltip?


      Screenshot 1:

      My viz shows five fiscal years (2011-2012 to 2015-2016) by default.  If you hover over the bars, you will get a tooltip that includes the prior year change.  I have currently included the static text "Change From Prior Year".   If I want to see the 5 year change, I select the first fiscal year (2011-2012) and the last fiscal year (2015-2016).  Now, the tooltip may not  be correct when referring to "Prior Year".  Can I include the fiscal year (2011-2012) in the tooltip so that it will display as "Change From 2011-2012"?

      Screenshot 2:

      Here is another example.  If I hover over the 2015-2016 bar tooltip, I want the tooltip to display "Change From 2013-2014.  If I hover over the 2013-2014  bar tooltip, I want the tooltip to display "Change from 2011-2012".  How can I create this type of calculation?


      Any help is greatly appreciated!