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    Extracts won't refresh on Tableau desktop

    Rick Clough

      Working in Desktop and I am using a MS SQL server data source using a custom query.  When I open the *.twb file, and refresh the extract, the query is run and new data loads into the extract.  The data source has data that is updated frequently so when I wait a few minutes and refresh the extract again, I expect the data to change.  However, the data does not change.  If I change the connection type to Live, then the data updates, or if I close the file and reopen and refresh, the data updates.  Why does the data not update each time I refresh the extract ?  My expectation was that when refreshing the extract, my custom query would be executed and new data would be populated into the extract.

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          Dave Jobling

          Hi Rick Clough


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          Could you provide us with a packaged workbook? That will help us understand your data and your issue more clearly. Guidelines for doing so are here: Packaged workbooks: when, why, how.


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            Nat Lutz

            Dave Jobling - unfortunately I don't think a packaged workbook is going to help because of the stated "workaround". As Rick Clough  noted it tends to be a random occurrence and if you close the workbook and open it back up it works fine - thus sending you a packaged workbook is in essence closing and reopening it (and thus no issue).


            Rick Clough  - I have also noticed that "saving" the workbook can do the trick to reset the issue.


            Generally speaking it seems like the "refresh" button occasionally says "You already refreshed this session so we are going to ignore you". The only indication that it didn't run is that the process is faster and of course that the data doesn't change.


            I am currently still using an old 9.3 version of desktop due to a different issue that is keeping us from updating - I'd be curious what version Rick Clough  is on and if newer versions have fixed this.