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    Slow performance using MongoDB + Tableau Online

    Allison Brown

      Hi all - any suggestions on improving performance when connecting live to a MongoDB in AWS from Tableau Online?  I filtered the table at the data source level so that it is only 22K rows and hid columns that I don't need. It still takes about ~30 seconds to display ~300 marks (in a crosstab), and ~10 seconds to apply one filter.


      We can not extract on Tableau Online because we need the data to update more frequently than hourly (most frequent schedule option on Tableau Online).


      All suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

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          Nicholas Hara

          Hey Allison,


          How does the view perform from Tableau Desktop? Is the performance similar?


          Also, have you taken a look at this article? 6 Tips to Increase Dashboard Performance


          Since you are using Tableau Online, I assume you are using Tableau Bridge to connect currently? If you are experiencing performance issues, since Tableau Bridge is still in beta, the beta team would definitely like to hear about this. I suggest emailing beta@tableau.com with this information.

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            Kevin Kapfer

            I am experiencing this in Tableau Server.  My dataset has about 950,000 documents  with an array of 16 elements for each of custom fields.  (This allows me to create a form view of the data

            custom field name:  custom value

            custom field name:  custom value



            So a data extract of the data would seem to generate 16 mil rows which is impractical.


            I have indexed the filtered fields within Mongo.  I am using the BI Connector (MySQL version -not PostgreSQL).  It times out on the web page.  The performance summary reports 525 seconds of elapsed time for "Executing Query" .


            I have gone through the 6 steps to Make your Dashboard more Performant as well.


            Were you able to reduce your query time Allison Brown?