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    Help with changing verbiage within a dimension

    Orlando Suarez

      I have a couple of dimensions in my workbook (Column & Row) Each of these dimensions display the name of a color and a status...all together. For example: Acid Green PN (PN is the status)


      I want to be able to modify the dimensions so that instead of the output being Acid Green PN......I can have Acid Green NEW


      Overall I have 3 Status' I want to change. This is what I want to change them to:

      PN = NEW

      SN = USED

      CP = CPO


      Is there a way that we can write a formula or calculation that will keep the color name as is but wherever the status appears the formula will convert it to the words I listed as substitutes?


      See the image for additional reference and I'm including the workbook. (See sheet 6)




      Status Changes.png