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    Filter by Category (Supplier), then Count Categories (alt.Supplier) per Sub-Category (Material Group)

    Tobias Faulhaber

      Hello Community,


      I am looking to apply an action filter to a table of suppliers by clicking on one supplier. Then I want to show for each subcategory "Material-Group" the number of alternative suppliers. The problem that I have is, that as soon as I apply the original filter to only view the Material Groups of one supplier, Tableau cannot calculated/ count the number of distinct suppliers per Mateiral Group.


      I have build an solution with two action filters and one intermediate step, but it required to manually select the supplier in "Blatt 10" again, which I would like to avoid since I would like to hide this additional worksheet and directly display the number of alternative suppliers per Material Group in which the supplier originally selected is active.


      Any recommendations?