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    Drilldown on Delta count

    Roman Pogribnyi

      Hi all,

      I have a question on drilldowns and "View Data" option.


      In a table, I want to count entities that match the Calculated fields filters. After clicking on the number, I want to see the list of those entities.


      In my table, I have calculated fields for "This week" and "Last week", so if I use the "View Data" on a complete table("Full Table" Sheet), it will display values for both weeks for every Row.

      I came up with another approach(Dashboard 1) where you create separate worksheets for different weeks and put week as filter, then 'View Data" works correctly. The question is, how do I drilldown on delta values here? Meaning, how do I entities that are in "This week",but not in the "Last week"?


      P.S. I'm not sure if anything can be achieved with actions here..



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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Roman,


          You could create a rule such as


          If [Valid Last Week]=1 then null

          elseif [Valid This Week]=1 then 1



          and then place this on the Filter shelf so only the the  values of 1 are retained in the data. 


          What's the need for the underlying data rather than just creating a report/view in Tableau that shows the values meeting the condition?   I ask because working with underlying data as an output may not work as desired.