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    Preferences.tps file additional settings

    Priyanka Rao

      Hello All,

      I am trying to figure if any additional settings in the Preferences.tps file (HTML Tags) work and how ??

      I tried something like below code set inside the <Preferences> </Preferences>  tag but it doesn't seem to work ..


      <!-- Changes the Color of the Range Slider -->

      <preference name='dashboard.slider.data.color' value='#ff69b4' />

      <preference name='dashboard.slider.well.color' value='#E6E6FA' /> <!-- The color of the non-selected range -->

      <preference name='dashboard.slider.selection.color' value='#ff69b4' /> <!-- The color of the selected range -->

      <preference name='dashboard.slider.border.color' value='#ff69b4' /> <!-- The color of the border and sliders -->


      Appreciate any help on this.

      Cheers !