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    V10 Server Upgrade to Minimize Downtime

    Sam Underland

      Is it possible to export a .tsbak file created from V9.3 Tableau Server and import it into a V10.3 server?


      I'm upgrading from V9.3 to V10.3 (obviously) and in the process going from a single server to a

      3-node HA configuration. I would like to have the V10 servers built and configured in advance so as

      to minimize downtime seen by server users. At upgrade time, I would like to be able to just move the data

      to the pre-configured servers. Another way of asking the question, is there anything special that happens

      to the data when the server gets upgraded that wouldn't occur if the server merely imports the data?


      If this isn't supported, is there a better upgrade process or some utilities that can perform the

      data preparation steps for me?