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    Automatic font color in highlight table


      Hi all,


      Is there any way to finally apply the right automatic color in highlight tables? As per attached, it never works properly, as it is very annoying for human eye to see information in black font in dark blue table!


      Any ideas please ?

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          Wilson Po

          Hi Harris,

          You may want to check the font colors on the Label shelf to make sure it wasn't accidentally forced to use black.  It should be set to automatic:

          font colors.jpg

          This should be the default setting and it should automatically scale the font colors according the gradient in the cell:

          font colors 2.jpg

          If you are still having trouble, I would suggest posting the workbook for someone to take a closer look and validate that the formatting settings are applied appropriately.

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            Hi Wilson,


            Yeah, I've tried that as per attached and it doesn't seem to work. Basically I have the same problem since moved to 10.0.1 and none of the highlighted tables I use work well on the auto font color.


            Unfortunately I can't share the workbook due to confidentiality restrictions. Would there be any other way?


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              Wilson Po

              hmm...I'm verifying whether this label behavior works on my version of 10.0.1 and it seems like defaults are handling this correctly (shading based on gradient).  You might tried simply clearing the worksheet formatting:Format.jpg


              This seemed to have worked for me after I changed the formatting to fit the view you had.  I'm suspecting that this is an artifact of someone changing the worksheet pane font in the format tabs - this seemed to have locked my font colors just like in your view, even when I tried to reset the color selections made there

              Format set.jpg

              might be something we can take a closer look into internally.  Let me know if the clearing of worksheet formatting does the trick.