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    TIMEZONES Desktop -> Online

    Michael Simons

      Hi all, need to change the timezone for Tableau Online but it won't seem to allow me to make it British Summer Time.


      Set up as follows:


      - Data in UTC time (not overly relevant to this issue, have a parameter to adjust it to my timezone).


      - Tableau Desktop on a PC set to UTC+1 (Current British Summer Time).


      - Title of workbook uses <Last Updated Time> and correctly shows in BST when in Tableau Desktop (same as my PC).


      - When publishing to Tableau Online the <Last Updated Time> reverts to UTC.


      - Upon checking Tableau Online settings, my locale is set correctly.


      Any advice would be wonderful.x

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          Michael Simons

          Just to add to this, by having Tableau Online set in a different timezone I am unable to send an automated report between midnight and 1am as my "yesterday" filters are set from Desktop with correct times.


          Any help greatly appreciated - I can't believe there isn't the option to change the TOnline server time! Surely this is Tableau 101?



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            Michael Simons

            Unbelievably it isn't possible to change timezone of the Online Server!

            My closest server is in Dublin which is also on BST (UTC+1) but I assume they have forgotten to account for british summer time at that end too.


            Anywho, not the end of the world albeit a little surprising. Reponse from Tableau below, the workaround doesn't work for my particular use case but may work for others.





            Hi Michael,


            Thank you for contacting Tableau Technical Support and for taking my call earlier. Based on our phone conversation, the problem is that a dashboard after being published to Tableau Online shows the wrong update time because UTC +1 is used only on the local machine but not on Tableau Online.


            As explained the functionality to change the time zone settings of Tableau Online is currently not built into the product.


            I will enter an enhancement request on your behalf for the Product Management team to review for possible inclusion in a future release. Another option to provide suggestions for product enhancements is to submit an idea through our community:    http://community.tableausoftware.com/community/ideas. To voice your support for the inclusion of this enhancement in a future product release, add your vote to the following Community Idea: http://community.tableausoftware.com/ideas/2587. As a possible workaround use the DATEADD function to adjust the time zone in datetime fields.


              1. Open the workbook in Tableau Desktop.

              2. Select Analysis > Create Calculated Field.

              3. In the Calculated Field dialog box that opens, do the following and then click OK:

              ○ Name the calculated field. For example, Filtered date.

              ○ In the formula field, create a calculated field similar to the following:

            DATEADD('hour',<number of hours>,[<datetime field>])

            If the field is only a date (without time), create a calculated field similar to the following:

            IF DATEPART('hour', NOW()) > <PST time of midnight> then DATEADD('day', 1, <datetime field>) else <datetime field> end

              4. Replace the datetime field used in the view with the newly created calculated field.

              5. Re-publish the workbook to Tableau Online. For more information, see Publish Workbooks in Tableau Help.


            For more information, please read the following article from our Knowledge Base:


            Date Calculations, Filters, and Time Stamps Show Unexpected Results After Publishing


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              Leland Robbins

              Is this serious??? I am facing the same problem, and their solution does not accommodate. If you want to have relative date filters set for "This Month" you're absolutely out of luck. Needs to be fixed--all modern databases accommodate for timezone shifts.