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    Map - zoom on city

    Anne Renaudeau



      I made a map on Tableau, I would like to have the data for each country and propose to the user to zoom on the city data.


      How can I do that ? With a filter ?


      Thanks for your help,

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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Anne

          First I hope your data is at the City level and aggregates to the state and country levels

          The usual way to do what you want is to take advantage of Tableau's location hierarchy see below


          Create the map by dragging the state to the canvas and the data to the color tile on the marks card




          Duplicate the map on another sheet and drill down to city


          you can now put the worksheets together on a dashboard and use the state map to filter to the city map


          This should get you pointed in a good direction

          let me know if this helps


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            Anne Renaudeau

            Hi Jim,

            Thanks for your answer.

            I can do this map in one dashboard but how can I do a link between both (if I select Illinois in the first, the second show me the cities of this state)?



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              Michael Gillespie

              Anne, you need to enable Filtering on the State map on the dashboard.  In Jim's example above, there are 3 small icons on the top right corner of the State Level viz:

              The middle icon is a toggle: in this example it is dark grey, which means "Enabled".  This is the Filter toggle.  If it's white, it means "Disabled".  This makes the state map an interactive filter for other vizzes on the same dashboard.  It creates a Dashboard Action that you can control via the Dashboard->Actions... menu item.


              Here, if you click on Illinois, it filters the second viz (city level) to show the City points for Illinois.

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                Jim Dehner

                hi Anne


                in the State sheet on the dashboard below - in the upper right corner there is a funnel icon - click it and it becomes a filter for both sheets - now when you click on the state - like illinois the city map will filter



                Let me know if you have other questions


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                  Anne Renaudeau



                  Thanks Jim and Michael it's now ok for me.

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                    Jim Dehner

                    Glad to help out Anne