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    Row-level security when a user has global access

    Kirstin Lyon

      Hi All,


      I want to do row-level security.  I have two datasource (superstore EU,  Security).   My security file states who can see what either by specifically naming what can be seen (it's a combination of three dimensions), or ALL  - meaning that user is allowed to see everything.


      I know how to create it if I take the ALL and populate that with every combination, but the dataset becomes so huge when I do that it's not a viable option (different of about 300MB to a few hundred KB).


      Is there a way to blend these sources together and state that if someone is allowed to see all, then they see all?   In my example, you can see that user 2 should have global access, but in reality only user 1 is able to see anything in tableau.


      I've attached a workbook with what I've done so far (at least my train of thought). 


      I have