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    Tableau Server Changing Domains

    john liptak

      Our organisation has recently changed AD domains and I want to know how to address this in Tableau.  I have read a few posts about this but I am a bit uncertain of the path to take.



      Changing the Active Directory Domain | Tableau Software


      Some background..

      1) Our users exist in tableau under domain abc\userid

      2) the fully qualified "abc" domain is "abc.company.domain"

      3) A new domian has been created called 'internal" ("internal.company.domain") and all users exist in both abc & internal domains and there is a two way trust relationship between both domains

      4) since the change of domain our users are no longer authenticated automatically.  ie; They are forced to log-in with their user/pw

      5) i have tested that i can add a user into tableau from the internal domain internal\userid without problems

      6) all the content in Tableau is owned by users in the abc domain

      7) When i launch the Tableau Configuration utility it says the authentication domain is abc.company.domain

      i'm guessing it should be internal.company.domain but how do i change it.  It's greyed out!


      Here is what I want to do..

      1) magically change the domain from abc to internal having all content/users/groups/subscriptions unaffected or moved to the new username in the Internal domain.

      ie; If user xyz\john123 was in Tableau before then this user should be changed to internal\john123



      I have read that there is a command called "tabcmd editdomain" (2nd link above) that may be able to help.  According to the documentation this is how it works..


      tabcmd editdomain --id 2 --nickname "new-nickname"

      tabcmd editdomain --id 3 --name "new-name"


      where the "id" is the number returned from "tabcmd listdomains".  The problem here is that when I do a tabcmd listdomains I already see the second domain "internal" on the list.  So if it's already in the list then what does this mean?



      The first link above talks about running the commands below to change the authentication domain BUT not all of these are documented in the Tabadmin set options in the manual (tabadmin set options).  Also, what happens to the content and groups that the users are connected to??


      tabadmin stop

      tabadmin set wgserver.domain.default -- Not documented
      tabadmin set wgserver.domain.fqdn  -- This is doumented
      tabadmin set wgserver.domain.nickname -- NOT Documented
      tabadmin config
      tabadmin start


      Can someone at Tableau please advise on easiest path.