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    Retention Analysis for 1 month

    Hossein Jalali

      I currently have a table (MySQL) called user tracker which stores:


      1. User IP Address: IpAddress

      2. A unique token per person (saved as a cookie): CookieToken

      3. The URL the user checked: Page

      4. The date the user checked that page: CreatedOn


      What we want to do is see during the duration of 30 days how many people came to the site 1 time only, 2 times, 3 times, ... 30 times (meaning they came to the site every single day).


      If a user views 5 pages in 1 day and never comes back that user is still considered as "1 time".


      How can I get something like this?


      Attached is a screenshot of previous month data gathered like this using SAS VA.