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    SDK TableauException (303): Invalid column ordinal

    Matthew Naylor



      We get the above error on trying to open a particulate data source with the sdk as bellow :


      existing_extract = Extract(filepath)


      This happens with only one data source - but the output logs provide insufficient detail to locate the exact problem.

      The data source itself can be opened and published to the tableau server, its just the sdk the errors out when trying this.


      How can we go about resoling this  ?




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          Matthew Naylor

          So I was able to resolve this issue in the end.


          It seems our developers where editing a tds, publishing this to the Tableau server with an extract and then downloading & providing us with the tdsx.


          I was able to fix this by using Tableau desktop to remove the extract from the TDSX and then recreate it. Once saved as a tdsx again we where able to open and edit this with the SDK..




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