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    Distinct Count column and if a criteria is met don't continue calculation on count column

    Tim Owen

      Hi All

      After three days of going bat crazy on calculated formulas I am reaching out on if someone has a solution.

      I have a list of Problem ID's that are not unique as they can have multiple child tickets associated, (so problem id repeats in rows and the unique id is the child ticket) I have a calculated field to show during its lifecycle if each child ticket has met(inside process) or missed(outside process) a target.

      eg PBI000000687523 has multiple child tickets (6) where two are inside process and the rest are outside process.


      What I want to be able to do is have an equation to say if a distinct Problem ID has any record that is inside process then 1 (ie ignore outside process count)


      outside process = 1


      I want to be able to keep the level of detail at the problem id so I can remove it from visibility and use other columns to group the total unique Problem ID results that have been inside process or never been inside process.


      eg PBI000000687523 - should have a 1 for inside process and not show any for outside process.

           PBI000000687617  - should have 1 for outside process


      Hope this makes sense, I am sure someone who are doing SLA calculations might have struck similar problems.