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    create vertical reference line in histogram, x-axis from 0 to 1

    Ji Zhou

      Hi Tableau experts,


      I have faculty evaluation data for several depts, scores ranging from 0 to 1. I created a histogram showing the score distribution per dept, using standard bin sizes of 0.1. I want to add vertical reference lines showing the average score for each dept and for the entire university, similar to what Joe Mako did in this post Reference line over a distribution graph and doing that for every dept and the university in my case.


      It seems that to add a vertical reference line, a continuous bin x-axis need to be created. But I can't figure out how to create a continuous x-axis from 0 to 1 in my case. Changing the Score (bins) on the rows from discrete to continuous would create the continuous x-axis. But I still can't add the vertical line. Maybe some table calculation is needed to create the continuous bins? Could anyone please help me? Thanks.


      I attached a sample workbook. The sheet "reference points" are the numbers I want to draw on the histogram.