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    Percentages-Newbie needs help

    Heather Sumter

      Hi Everyone,


      I'm very new to Tableau-working on my first report that I will be publishing to members of our department.  I'm struggling with adding percentages of the total within a pane to my chart.  What I need to show is the total of percentage for each vendor within a country along with the total sum for each vendor.  For example, the first line for Brazil would say 55%, 70K, 2nd line would read 20%,26K and so forth.  I attempted putting in another "Sum" in the Marks card by changing the current one to Percent of Total and then adding a new one for the sum, but I get zeros when I do percent of total using a quick table calculation.  I have little to no experience with calculations either, so please respond as though I'm from another planet. Thank you for your help!