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    Set a reference line based on today's date

    Denise Christophel

      I would like the ability to have the value of a reference line be based on today's date.  The primary use case I have is a Gantt Bar chart showing the timelines of various projects, where dates are along the x-axis.  I would like to add a vertical reference line to the graph to reflect today's date.  Currently, I can not find an easy way to do this. A reference line can't reference a calculated field (i.e. Today()), and parameters that reference a calculated field will not update their values automatically, even if they are originally set from a calculated field.


      I saw a posting from 2016 which suggested adding the calculated field to Detail on the Marks card, and saying that that field should then show up as an option for a reference line when I right click on the axis, but it does not.


      Am I missing a very obvious way to accomplish this?