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    sales with ALL

    Ravindra Zinjad

      Hi Everyone,


      I would like to show top N customer by sales based on the parameter selection.


      For example :


      In parameter we have values as below :


      Top 10

      Top 20

      Top 30



      If i select top 10 then top 10 customer by sales should be display

      top 20 then top 20 customer by sales data

      top 30 then top 30 customer by sales data

      ALL then All customer data should be display.




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          Sankarmagesh Rajan

          Hi Ravi,


          Create parameter with int datatype as follows

          Try Calc as

          if [Top Customers] = 10 and Index()<=10 then 1

          elseif [Top Customers] = 20 and Index()<=20 then 1

          elseif [Top Customers] = 30 and Index()<=30 then 1

          elseif  [Top Customers] = 0 then 1

          else 2



          Drag the above into filter and select 1. Drag the customer name into view and sort descending via sales.


          Show parameter control and filter it.

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