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    Dynamic Parameters- show only Relevant values


      Hi All,


      I need help with an issue :


      I have  a view with multiple dashboards that use 2 different data sources and i have calculations that need to use dimensions from both these data sources to display data in a view.


      The trouble i have is i cannot use filters since i cannot filter for data across multiple data sources so i solved this issue by using the parameters. Everything until now works fine. Now i want to show the values inside the parameter that only belong to a specific dimension.


      for example


      state                                parameter values


      California                        SF





      Ohio                            columbus




      Right now since i am using parameters i have all 6 values showing up as parameter values regardless of the state. How can i show only 3 values when i choose california instead of all 6 values inside the parameter just like a filter that has an option to show only relevant values in tableau.


      I am using v9.3




      Thanks !