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    Optimizing tableau

    Alex Martino

      Hello. I'm using tableau with a database and I joined tables for about 5 years. There are probably 4-5 million records and tableau goes REALLY slow. How can I speed this up? Any resources on learning about this type of stuff? Thanks.

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          Jay Morehart

          It really depends on a few things, but my guess is taking an extract will be your best bet


          what is the database you are connecting to

          what is the hardware it is running on

          is it local or remote (relative to tableau or tableau server) and what is the bandwidth to the database server

          what does your viz look like (lots of table calc and LODs?)


          you could do a performance recording and proceed based on the results: Record and Analyze Workbook Performance


          Hope this helps!

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            Alex Martino

            Hi Jay. It is a SQL server database at my company. Hmmm hardward is my surface pro.


            I'm not sure about the local or remote question ( I believe it is local...and I don't think i'M USING any server for tableau..it's just desktop connected to sql server).


            I have 40-50 sheets, but not a ton of LOD's, some table calcs. Thanks!!