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    basic charts & dashboard

    Ken Blue



      I am a rookie to Tableau and have been trying to learn as fast as I can. However, a client of mine has asked for some basic charts for an important presentation and I want to be able to provide them in Tableau. And I need them tonight or tomorrow.


      The source is a large Excel file, need to line chart a few columns, and fix the values parameters so they can analyze the datapoints. Also, a basic dashboard to show the charts would be great too.


      I was at the User Group Mtg last Wednesday but not the appropriate venue for my questions and then i couldn't make it to the Saturday session. Arghh


      Anyone, in the mood to help?


      The request:

      Attached is the final data dump of the first phase of the trial. (Data Source in the packaged file)

      The ability to get a second phase is dependent on my executive summary of these results, and YOUR charts and graphs.


      I am working on a list of most important ones first.

      All charts should be in two date ranges

      1. 5/22/17 1AM to Date
      2. 4/22/17 1AM to Date


      Must have time / date and data points and Units of Measure.


      Giving you the easiest, and most important one to work on first is

      Heading                            Tab                      Column               UOM

      Fresh Acid To C                Pi Data                B                          TPD

      Fresh Acid To E                Pi Data                E                           TPD

      Total Fresh Acid               Hist Calcs            F                           TPD


      As we build these consider how we might give access to a bank of charts that we’re going to build for the customer.


      Running Tableau 10.3


      Available tonight or all day tomorrow. TeamViewer or other remote access friendly.


      Thank you!




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          Ann Jackson

          Ken - It's great to see your enthusiasm for Tableau and super happy to have you join us at the User Group last week.


          I opened up your workbook and think you're on the right track - give yourself a little more credit


          Some tips I would recommend: it looks like your time dimension is very granular, down to the hour.  You can put your time dimension on Exact Date to view all the readings.  Also think about how Tableau works, in theory you want things to be in certain places on the sheet to make your result.  Starting with the Show Me button will be a great way to understand how Tableau lays out the different visualizations.


          I'll even give you an additional nudge - here's a screenshot of the metric that was in your attached workbook now in a line chart (and I've also attached the workbook):

          forum help.png


          I would highly encourage you to spend a little more time on your own and see if you can't get to the results you're trying to achieve!

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            Ken Blue



            Thank you so much for your assistance. I am jumping into it right now and see what I can come up with.

            Appreciate your direction and hopefully I can generate some great charts.


            I may post again if I get stuck somewhere but i am determined to understand this tool. Long term, it is the way to go for all the data that my friend and client needs to analyze these data points and improve his business.


            Thanks again!