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    Tableau License

    Kumar Guntupalli

      Hi Gurus, Good Afternoon.


      I need to know how Licenses Works in Tableau


      Let Suppose Say we have 10 Licenses Available and here are the list of Users


      1. Admin

      2. Arnold

      3. Don

      4. Lucy

      5. Paula

      6. Gary

      7. Tracy

      8. Thomas

      9. Pam

      10. Wayne


      and we Do have two Sites available    


      Site 1 and Site 2


      Arnold and Don are the Site admin for Site1 and Site 2


      For Site 1 I assigned the users                                                      For Site 2

      1. Lucy  Interactor                                                                      1. Thomas Viewer

      2. Paula Viewer                                                                           2. Pam Interactor

      3. Gary  Interactor                                                                     3. Wayne Interactor

      4. Tracy Viewer                                                                          4. Lucy  Viewer


      My Question is Lucy has Interactor Licence in Site 1 and Viewer Licence in Site 2.      As Tableau Stand Point, Lucy will considered for 2 Licenses or Just One License. Or Tableau just consider how many users are in the system who is Interactor, Viewer,Publisher,Site Administrator, SYSTEM Administrator irrespective of the Different types of licenses in different sites.