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    Third Party Cookie Restriction Error

    Karthik Venkatraman

      Hi All,


      I have few dashboard created in tableau. I am embedding these dashboard in a ASP.NET web page and providing it to my customers. The tableau trusted authentication has been implemented to get the ticket from tableau and render the visualizations. Everything works fine and there are no issues in rendering or accessing the visualizations.


      However for some customers, I get the third party cookie error. The visualization is not being shown. In this case, however, the browser treats the cookie as a third-party cookie. This is because the cookie is set with a domain that's different from the one shown in the browser's address bar.


      If I modify the privacy settings to allow the third party cookies, then the visualizations are showing up. Else I am having a tableau signin page shown in my embedded view.


      My problem is, I cant go to my customer and ask to allow the third party cookies. The reason is, they are not willing to change the privacy settings and for some people, it been configured by their organization.


      Is there any other way for this? Without changing the privacy and cookie setting, will I be able to do it through an alternative way?