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    Creating additional calculated row

    Oh Benjamin

      Dear all,


      I am a beginner to Tableau and I first apologize if this might be a repeat of the questions raised before. I will try my best to be concise.


      I am facing a problem where I am trying to get a new calculated row to appear based on a 5-Year period CAGR that can be changed using a filter I have.


      Here is my current table I am working on:


      Basically, the Year Filter changes the number of years to display, and the Country Filter changes the information displayed. I am hoping the additional row that I need will change based on the Country selected.


      I am intending to create a row at the bottom that calculates the 5-Year CAGR value that looks something like this in Excel:


      If need be I can furnish more details. But I hope you guys can understand the gist of my problem. I am not very familiar with the coding and formulas involved with Tableau too. Thank you in advance!!