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    Issue with automation

    Kevin White



      I'm currently having an issue automating the VizAlerts that I've created. I've been able to successfully implement and test several advanced alerts by using "test_alert" in the comment box and everything works beautifully but I'm having trouble automating the process. I have the view subscribed to the schedule and the naming convention is the same but when I go into the server and try and test the VizAlert it doesn't return any views. It just seems like VizAlerts isn't recognizing that the trigger viz is subscribed to a VizAlerts schedule.


      Let me know if there's something obvious I'm missing or what additional info you might need.



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          Matt Coles

          Hey Kevin. I'm assuming you're using version 2.0 or higher? If so, you should be able to tell what VizAlerts is actively picking up by checking the VizAlertsConfig workbook that you published to Tableau Server. The viz should show everything that VizAlerts recognizes as a valid alert to be processed. Make sure that your VizAlerts schedules are disabled in Tableau Server. Also, if you used any sort of custom naming convention, you'll need to adjust the schedule_name_filter parameter in the VizAlertsConfig workbook so that it matches the naming convention you're using (by default it looks for any schedule that has "lert" somewhere in the name).


          If you're not using 2.0 or higher, I recommend switching to it, because it's way better.

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            Kevin White



            Thanks for reaching out. It seems like the issue with the automation was indeed the naming convention of the subscription so that has been resolved but now I'm having a little bit of a different issue. So essentially I have a workbook on the server with 3 tabs. Tab 1: Trigger Viz Tab 2: Additional data (not relevant) Tab 3: Viz alerts tab.  I have the trigger viz subscribed to the Vizalert schedule and I do get an alert but the issue is that its a simple alert (just sends me a screenshot of the viz with a csv attached) and I need to have this sent to certain email addresses with different filters applied. Also when I test the alert but typing "test_alert" in the comments section I get the appropriate advanced alert with all the correct info.


            Do I need to do some type of joining with my Advanced Alerts excel sheet and my primary data source or do I need to subscribe the Viz alerts tab to the schedule as well?



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              Matt Coles

              Only the trigger viz, which defines all the Email ___ fields, needs to be subscribed to. Do not subscribe to the entire workbook, only subscribe to the trigger view itself. I'd recommend removing all subscriptions you have to the workbook, and then re-subscribe on just the trigger view with all the advanced alert fields on it. Sometimes it's hard to tell what you've subscribed to.

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                Kevin White

                Looks like we figured out the issue and everything is working well now from a scheduling standpoint.


                Is it possible to send a custom viz that uses multiple filter values as well as parameters. Up to this point I've only used one filter to send a custom viz but there may be a need in the future to send a custom viz that is using multiple filters in the dashboard.


                Here is a screenshot of the email body that I am currently using.



                "Metric" is the title of the parameter and "WMDeptCategory" is the title of the other filter that the dashboard uses. I feel like I'm missing some simple character that its causing the vizalert to fail.


                Thanks again for your help!

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                  Matt Coles

                  That should work...I don't see anything immediately wrong with it. What's the error you get?

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                    Kevin White

                    Here's the error I'm getting.


                    "VizAlerts was unable to export data for this view. Error message: Unable to export viewname VizAlert as csv, error:"


                    Which is strange because I'm just trying to embed the image of the dashboard not export. I'm thinking there may be an issue with the configuration.



                    Thanks again for your help!

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                      Matt Coles

                      Okay, so that is not related to the content reference you're using to embed the image in your viz. It's not even able to export the CSV data from the trigger viz you subscribed to. Also, there should be more to the error that would tell you why it failed. Is there more?

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                        Kevin White

                        Hey Matt,


                        Is it possible to include the entire viz as an embedded image when I have a scroll bar on the dashboard? Do I simply need to adjust the image size in the email body or do I need to do some sort of consolidating multiple images?


                        Thanks again for all your help!

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                          Matt Coles

                          When I export my own vertically long view, it exports the entire thing to an image, regardless of scroll bars. Are you seeing different behavior?

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                            Kevin White

                            Yeah I'm essentially getting a "screenshot" of the dashboard that includes the actual vertical scrollbar in the image.

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                              Jonathan Drummey

                              What you’re seeing is not a VizAlerts issue per se, though I’d love to be able to do something about it. This issue is due to how Tableau renders dashboards: the dashboard has a certain size and Tableau renders that area rather than try to figure out how to make the image extend to accommodate the 0-N scrollbars that might exist in the dashboard.


                              Where I’ve come to with building views for Tableau is that each output method (laptop/desktop screen, mobile, presented on projector/large monitor, print, image for PowerPoint, image for email, etc.) needs to be considered separately due to technical requirements like the one here as well as output requirements…my favorite example being the need to make dashboards with a minimum of 14 or 16 point font so they can be projected and the numbers still be legible to board members with poor eyesight sitting in the back of the room.


                              There are a couple of workarounds that I’ve used


                              1) Instead of using a dashboard use a worksheet. (That’s why Matt was able to get a scrolling view, he was getting an image of a worksheet).


                              2) Set up an Advanced Alert that has multiple content references (and potentially merging to one email or PDF) where the content references include a URL parameter filter that will iterate through the dashboards. This can be more complicated to set up for two reasons: a) if used as a filter the URL parameter acts on all views in the dashboard, and b) depending on the data the number of iterations needed may not be known in advance. In different scenarios I’ve used exact filter values, a parameter tied to a calculation, and a table calculation using INDEX() or RANK() with the modulo % operator like INDEX() % 10. Here’s an example of the latter method done within a single worksheet:


                              https://public.tableau.com/profile/jonathan.drummey#!/vizhome/paginationinplace/moduloexample?Page=1 <https://public.tableau.com/profile/jonathan.drummey#!/vizhome/paginationinplace/moduloexample?Page=1>

                              https://public.tableau.com/profile/jonathan.drummey#!/vizhome/paginationinplace/moduloexample?Page=2 <https://public.tableau.com/profile/jonathan.drummey#!/vizhome/paginationinplace/moduloexample?Page=2>

                              https://public.tableau.com/profile/jonathan.drummey#!/vizhome/paginationinplace/moduloexample?Page=3 <https://public.tableau.com/profile/jonathan.drummey#!/vizhome/paginationinplace/moduloexample?Page=3>


                              Hope this helps!