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    Vignesh K

      Hi All,


      I have created two dashboards having two different data sets but the dimesions and measures are same .When i select a option in parameter it should load me different dashboard data on the same dashboard sheet.

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          Chris McClellan

          Hi Vignesh K, unfortunately your post doesn't make much sense to me - what are you trying to do, do you have an example (TWBX) that you can upload to explain and show where you've got to so far ?

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            Ravindra Zinjad

            Hello Vignesh,


            First of all your question is not specific, can you please provide more details.

            However if i understood you want to display dashboard 1 and Dashboard 2 based on parameter selection.

            If I select parameter value Dashboard1 then Dashboard1 will display vice versa?


            is this your requirement if yes then refer below link.


            Re: Parameters & Formatting

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              Vignesh K

              HI Ravindra And Chris,

              Thank you for the reply


              I have created two dashboards having the same view in all the sheets only difference is the data between two dashboards

              For that i have created a parameter

              Ex parameter have two options A and B when i select A Dashboard 1  should reflect and when i select option B the second dashboard data should load in the same dashboard as the view is common only data is different .


              Kindly tell me a solution for the above query.

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                Zhouyi Zhang

                Hi, Vignesh


                Yes, as long as your parameter has been dealing with both of your data sources. e.g. your calculation fields, filters..



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                  Amit Narkar

                  Hi Vignesh


                  When you say, you have same set of visualizations but dashboards have different data, does it mean you are either have different dimensions or different measures.


                  With such scenario I dont see any need to create 2 different dashboards. You can use calculated field based on parameter to switch between either dimension or measure.


                  If you could provide us with some sample dataset or workbook, it would help a lot

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                    Vignesh K

                    Hi amit,


                    The dimensions and measures are common for both dashboards only the data under the dimension and measures have different .

                    Could you tell me a way so that i can toggle between two data sources using a parameter filter .

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                      Ravindra Zinjad

                      Hello Vignesh,


                      In my attached worksheet, I have used two datasources

                      Datasource 1 superstore

                      Datasource 2 Sales Target


                      2 Sheets i.e

                      D1 pointing to superstore

                      D2 pointing to Sales Target


                      Based on these 2 worksheet created Dashboard Final.

                      In this dashbaord we have parameter select dashbaord.

                      If we select value Dashboard 1 we can see below graph/data.



                      If we select value Dashboard 2 we can see below graph/data.

                      I have attached package for refrence.@

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                        Amit Narkar

                        you just need to put both worksheets in same container and hide them based on parameter value selected.


                        Please find the attached sample workbook for your reference.

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                          Vignesh K

                          Hi Ravindra Could you attach the workbook example i am not able to download the workbook.

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                            Vignesh K

                            Hi Ravindra,


                            As i understood from your post is that you are toggling between two dashboards upon selection  the selected dashboard gets hidden or it is other way can you clarify with an workbook attachment.


                            But  my query is that my view will be same only on change of parameter the selected parameter data source will get append in  the same view .


                            In your case i will take first one as example when i change the parameter filter the other data will get append in the same view as my dimensions and measures are same.

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                              Ravindra Zinjad

                              Hello Vignesh,


                              I am attaching my workbook one more time.

                              You can take refrence from attached workbook.


                              However if your diamension and measures are same then no need to create 2 dashboad.


                              Create variable and use it in your worksheet, It will display subsequent diamension based on your parameter selection.





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                                Vignesh K

                                Hi Ravindra,


                                Could you provide with an example where in a single dashboard with two datasources having dimesions and measures same  on change of parameter the other data source data gets append in the same view .


                                thankyou for the help .